Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm back

I have been missing in action for a week? since my motherbot was fucked so badly i had can't even go online for a week! a week without the internet is like a year without going online. I am just so happy that my pc is back, just so that i can go online and blog again :)

so what have i done for this week? well nothing really much, went for a two day training(which was really good)and finally i managed to find the food that i wanted to buy all these while. The instant roti canai, which is the raw one not the pre cooked one. The photos will show you what did i do to it.





want to learn how to make that? well it's pretty simple all you need to do is get the instant roti canai, 1 egg, some tuna, and a piece of cheese.

Step 1 grease the surface with some oil so that it won't stick and spread out the canai.

step 2 put the tuna, egg, and cheese on it and then wrap it up nicely.

Step 3 fry it on a pan with medium low heat, you don't want to burn it. make sure it turns crispy brown.

Step 4 In it goes into your stomach and stays there for about an hour like that :) It's actually pretty easy to make that, since you don't need the hard work to make the canai dough.

Not only that, you can put almost anything that you desire to eat with roti canai, and i seriously mean ALMOST anything, well anything that is edible that is :) it's a good way to enjoy a meal when you're seriously broke or just too lazy to go to the roti canai shop.


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