Sunday, March 13, 2005

Expect the unxpected

It's almost half a month and i'm already broked, but broked enough to go enjoy myself with my peepz and to buy my essentials. I myself is a FHM reader so i would go buy a FHM every month and how could i bloody missed the january issues *GRR* Having Lindsay Lohan on the front cover of FHM March? *urggh* but i'm just buying it for the issues not her! The new Improve FHM has improved indeed, with new hot babes in there haha. I just went and flip around to have a look and i didn't notice until i saw the picture of Alexander and guess what i saw?


They posted up my email that i wrote to them, i know this may not be such a big deal for some of you out there. But it's not everyday you get your letters to appear on FHM right? i was so surprise to see it and so darn happy. Too bad i wasn't the letter of the month, if not i could have got the Burberry perfurme, but still that's alright since my email has been replied.



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