Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm back

I have been missing in action for a week? since my motherbot was fucked so badly i had can't even go online for a week! a week without the internet is like a year without going online. I am just so happy that my pc is back, just so that i can go online and blog again :)

so what have i done for this week? well nothing really much, went for a two day training(which was really good)and finally i managed to find the food that i wanted to buy all these while. The instant roti canai, which is the raw one not the pre cooked one. The photos will show you what did i do to it.





want to learn how to make that? well it's pretty simple all you need to do is get the instant roti canai, 1 egg, some tuna, and a piece of cheese.

Step 1 grease the surface with some oil so that it won't stick and spread out the canai.

step 2 put the tuna, egg, and cheese on it and then wrap it up nicely.

Step 3 fry it on a pan with medium low heat, you don't want to burn it. make sure it turns crispy brown.

Step 4 In it goes into your stomach and stays there for about an hour like that :) It's actually pretty easy to make that, since you don't need the hard work to make the canai dough.

Not only that, you can put almost anything that you desire to eat with roti canai, and i seriously mean ALMOST anything, well anything that is edible that is :) it's a good way to enjoy a meal when you're seriously broke or just too lazy to go to the roti canai shop.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Seriously thank God it's friday, after a stressful week of work getting bombarded with calls, complains, and all that. Finally i'm getting the time to have a good sleep without any disturbance, it's been a busy week but it's all good(don't think so) The service point for this month is out and i'm not happy with it since it's still so bloody low with bloody good business.

Thank God i'm working at night tomorrow and i don't have to get 5 or 10 people coming to me all at one time, and sunday it's my offday(hurrah)I'm kinda surprise that my boss told me that i'm going for a training next week, this shows that the company is really willing to teach and invest in you, if you are willing to learn. Why not? it'll do good when time comes for a new job :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Expect the unxpected

It's almost half a month and i'm already broked, but broked enough to go enjoy myself with my peepz and to buy my essentials. I myself is a FHM reader so i would go buy a FHM every month and how could i bloody missed the january issues *GRR* Having Lindsay Lohan on the front cover of FHM March? *urggh* but i'm just buying it for the issues not her! The new Improve FHM has improved indeed, with new hot babes in there haha. I just went and flip around to have a look and i didn't notice until i saw the picture of Alexander and guess what i saw?


They posted up my email that i wrote to them, i know this may not be such a big deal for some of you out there. But it's not everyday you get your letters to appear on FHM right? i was so surprise to see it and so darn happy. Too bad i wasn't the letter of the month, if not i could have got the Burberry perfurme, but still that's alright since my email has been replied.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

The "Soh Hai" part 2

So it's the "soh hai" again eh? this time i'm not the soh hai, it's the fucking attention seeking bastard who is the "soh hai" so it goes like this, i was already in a really bad mood because this gangster customer who yelled at me because of his unclaimed deposit and my stupid colleague who knew what was going refuse to go for my aid and just leave there to be yelled. Getting yelled at is already bad enough to spoiled your mood for the entire day, as if that is not bad enough for you. The bastard came and said that he has a reservation, so i start searching for his name.

Bastard: OI CEPAT LAH APAHAL LAMBAT NI!!??? Me:oh tunggu kejap ahh saya cari :)

Bastard: APAHAL LAMBAT SANGAT!!!! (taking out the paper) SINI LAHHH NAMPAK KAHHH!??????

Me:(i swear if it's my last day i'm working there i will take off my shoe and smack you hard on your face and sholve it up your ass) ohh kejap lagi ahh , saya sedang mencari :) (FUCK!!!! HIS NAME IS NOT IN THERE!!!)

Bastard: APA HAL INI!!????? Me: Kamu datang dengan muhd kamal kah?? Bastard: YEAH YEAHH DENGAN DIA

Me: ( such a relief, since there wasn't much rooms left) ok tunggu sekejap Bastard: OII CEPAT LAHHH SAYA MAU BERAK NI TAU??????

Me: (???????????????? LOL, LMAO!!!) oh sana ada tandas kamu boleh berak sana Bastard: TIDAK MAU, SAYA BERAK DALAM TANDAS BILIK SAYA !!!!


that is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard from a person to get people to speed things up, seriously! all my life I have never hear people saying the need to shit. in the end he didn't even go to the loo instead he went for some beer, what the fuck? I just hope he'll crash and burn as he steps out of the hotel :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Had to wake up from my wonderful sleep just to attend the training at my work place *HUAARGGGH* ME NO HAPPY, YOU NO DISTURB ME SLEEP, ME LIKE SLEEP, ME ANGRY YOU WAKE UP!!! *MUAHHHH* i think i went over the sarcastic meter already. I think i have a serious addiction of going out too much and unable to put my ass at home, i am also running out space for this stupid host of mine. Anyone interested to host me? or maybe i can go for that thingy? I like it hard I love hard! The harder it gets the more i like! Harder than the ordinary :) The Harder it is, the better it gets >:) , any idea what am i talking about? no? go figure it out and i can tellu it's not what you're thinking *gotcha!*

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It's march already in a blink of an eye, time really goes so fast until we realize it. My left ear still hurts, since i wanted to make the hole a little bigger just to fit the damn fucking expensive earing which cost me RM35. KL is having so many cool events, which made me envy them a lot. If only i can go attend the rave at genting and glow, to bad work comes first.

Talk about work, last night something really stupid happen to me Usually after we finish our shift as cashier, we will count the money to make sure everything is corret. When i counted the money, it was short of RM148. So i panic and start counting the money over and over again but still can get the right amount, even after my colleague counted for me. I was really upset that i had to pay RM148, since that's really a lot of money.

I just proceed on to do my report and suddenly i spotted on report that i haven't posted that up in the systems, after doing that i get the correct balance and it was such a huge relief for me that i don't have to pay RM148.


So what did i learn from this? always double check my work before doing anything, i'm such a "Soh Hai"