Saturday, February 26, 2005


It's payday! at last the moment that i have been all this while, like i mention before money comes and money goes. I just paid my mom RM183 for the phone bills which is equivelant of two months worth of calls and sms. Another RM40 to be paid to Mamoyo and there goes my burberry pefume already *sob*

Well there's always next month right? So today i did the dumbest thing that i have never did in my entire life, It goes like this. Woke up early today to get ready for work and packed the nessecary items that i need to bring to work, In my mind was like the" oh i gonna go to work like usual so boring and all that" when i reach the changing room and i opened my locker, to my horror at sight i have actually forgotten to wear my socks to work since i brought the other pair home to wash. Usually i will leave them in the locker(sounds disgusting right? well i'm lazy) so i had to wear my leather shoes without my socks and i sure looked like a "soh hai" (idiot)


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