Saturday, February 12, 2005

A great time

Once again i would like to say " happy new year to you guys celebrating out there, i really had a wonderful during this week. Just that knowing that work has to start very very soon, which is apporximately 8 hours from now? so who cares if i'm going to start work again? it'll be great but yet horrible. I was at limbang the last 3 days, Limbang is great and boring. Yes i know it's my home town but it is seriously boring, there's nothing much to do there. Spending some quality time with my family members is good enough, still so bored there! not to mention the bloody asshole who had some serious B.O problem, and he stunk up the whole plane during the trip *asshole!*


Food was great, grandma's cooking never fail to fulfill our empty stomachs. My grandma accidently cut her finger during the preparation, so i guess that it's a sign for her to rest and leave the rest for us to do *hehe* I kind of miss the time hanging out with my cousins and grandma's cooking over there *sigh* and it's still so boring there, it's ok once i get enough money i'll buy a PS2 the second genration and bring it over there when i'm going back there again. At least i get to lite some fire crackers over there, but then again playing with fire cracker is like burning your money, seriously since they are quite expensive for now, but i'm satisfied with it :)



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