Sunday, January 30, 2005

The unsatisfied but yet happy one again

*grrr* I am not happy again, why is that you might ask? having such a stupid schedule on your duty that fucks everything you have planned so nicely and it's simply unfair for the rest as well!

The leave application form i submited was not even at there, why is that you might ask? probaly some mother fucker or bastard or bitch or what ever shit that person is trying to sabotage my off days for Chinese new year.

That bitch obviously have something againts me and i have doubts that she's might be the culprit, she should thank God that she has no dick or else she will regret for coming to Miri(still don't piss me off bitch, you better watch that cock sucking mouth of yours or else!!!)

Those mofos from KL are fucking up everyone in Miri up, no cheap booze, liquies, ciggies and shitties. Where does all those things goes after they are confisticated? It goes inside those mofos during their private party. Who would be stupid enough to waste those goodies? only a total idiot will do that.

Ok let's try and forget those shits, i shall have to come up with another idea. Last two days was my official pay day and i managed to get the things that i need.


I'm just glad that i managed to get the stuffs that i need, so i decided to show my mom the things i got.

Me: hey mom look i bought some stuffs for chinese new year

Mom: let's have a look

Me: i bought a pair of shoes for a good price

Mom: that's good

Me: and i bought my deodarant and a shaving balm

Mom: That's really nice

Me: oh and i bought myself a t-shirt

Mom: really? can i have a look at it?

Me: sure! (showing her my new t-shirt)

Mom: O_O!!??? (shakes her head)


I know it's because of the skull thingy, it happen when i showed her the stussy t-shirt rining got for me, just glad to see my peepz came looking for me after work(you guys rockz!!)


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