Thursday, January 06, 2005

Life as a night auditor


Life as a night auditor is good and bad, the good side is you don't get a lot of people barging at you and phone calls coming in when you are seriously busy. Lets look at the bad side, it really fucks up your sleeping hours. I had a pretty good night at work, i brought my own fettucine cabonara hehe, that's another good thing about working as a night auditor, You get to eat anytime you wish when there's nobody around.

Heck the maintenace just have to switch off the air condition, it's really warming the place up and making the whole into a sauna like place. Even with the rain going on outside, it's still warm in there. *damn it* i accidently screwed up the report, i had to wait for my front office exec to come back and undo the report for. Next week i'll be on night audit for a night and it's just me alone *NOOO!* guess i just have to learn what i got to learn this week.



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