Monday, January 24, 2005

It's time to Retire

Most of you guys knows that DJ F is not the DJ is Balcony anymore, When DJ F was around balcony is the best night club in Miri for youngtsters or any other Miri clubbers. After he left, the Chinese DJ replaced him and that Chinese DJ played pretty good trance and other tracks so that's good right?

Once in a bluemoon DJ would come back and be the guest DJ for a day, last saturday was seriously horrific. I can't even feel the groove and can't even sync with the beat at all. The music he spinned that night was an absolut crap and completely outdated songs. This makes me wonder that when will they update their songs? and when will they realize that hard trance is the real shit? I seriously prefer that Chinese DJ and the dude, they play my songs :). DJ F? it's to retire my friend, just face it, you are losing your touch and not keeping up with the latest songs.

Not to mention that there was a fight, as usual the bengsters always fight over stupid things*Sigh*when will they learn ah?


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