Saturday, January 22, 2005

A day with the peepz

How would you feel when a funny looking caucasian comes to you and asked you question with his undeniable stupid accent and you can't even understand his accent at all, and he says your english sucks and does not want your service? who gives a fuck about it? i'll be even more happier not serve a bastard like him. This foreigners are really ticking the locals off and does not have an idea how locals can seriously fuck them up(i swear if i ever see him around, i pray that he will crash and burn and have a miserable life as long as he lives) Besides he's got breast! i am not joking but he seriously have breast, this makes me wonder that did he went to thailand for a breast implant? since the plastic sugery over there is cheap.
Thanks to my peepz, they really cheer me up. I am just glad to have them around especially at times like that. Gordon decided to drop by again and with Sly too, Sly called at the wrong time when the crazy dude wanted to have a swim at the pool in the middle of the night. This really sounds crazy right? since he is already the crazy one so it's no big deal for us. Maybe you guys can try that, swimming in the middle of the night whereby there water is really freezing you up.



This is what you get for being crazy and swimming in the middle of the night, so enjoy the water you bastard LOL.


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