Friday, January 21, 2005

Chai sen tao!!! *tun tun chiang*


It's been a while i update my blog, (yes selaivesta i know i haven't been updating for quite sometimes thank you very much for reminding me :P) This another month that i would love, It's Chinese new year. A year that brings me and my family together for only a few days, seriously! only once a year or twice i go back to Limbang to visit my grandparents. Even though it's seriously boring there but it's fun that my family gathering is there which makes grandpa and grandma happy. Not to mention the glorious food that my grandma makes, let's talk about some of the good old chinese tradition that everyone would love.


For most of us living in Malaysia knows about the Chinese tradition for Chinese new year, which is the *Ang Pow* or known as the red packets. Every Chinese new year parents will give their children red packets and obviously you guys know what does the red packet contains, Money! lovely isn't it? as far as i know that most of the chinese tradition involves money, which make me myself a chinese to love it more(i'm just kidding) just like a chinese wedding, if you are invited to one, you are doubt to oblidge giving a red packet to the newly weds. see? or like someone's newly born child is a month old, visitors or friends invited for the dinner will give a red packet to the infant, see? don't you just love the chinese tradition? i'm loving it~!

Here is just some problems, i am seriously broke now. There's still 11 agonizing days before my lovely paycheque gets banked into my bloody stupid account. When it does, those cool nike shoes shall be added into my collection. Talk about money, i myself is really a big spender, i worked my ass off for the money and i spend it all in a blink of an eye. however Jacky or my mom can be my financial controller hehe. I told myself to save some money and go travel(hopefully i'll achieve that dream)


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