Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The beautiful one deceived


It's almost every guy's dream to have a really beautiful or pretty girlfriend or better yet, a really beautiful, pretty and a nice wife. If you happen to get someone that you ever dream to get, you will be the happiest and luckiest bastard right? Getting someone that you ever dreamed of can be considered as the greatest achievement of the guy could ever achieved, the guy however should be very grateful and thankful about it.

What happens, if that bastard is not even grateful and thankful for what he have achieved? Is this not what he had asked for? is he asking for more than that? what is more to ask for when you something that is so wonderful in your life? Scandalous! The bastard has to start affairs with other womens, since he's wife is on the west side of the state and he's on the east side. I don't understand that why must a person go for more when you already have something that you can't even ask for more. Not only that, it's something that not everyone can have it. My sympathies and empathies to the beautiful one, If i were that bastard i will cherish every moment, every second, every minute and everything i can to appreciate it and to be grateful.


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