Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Bastard is here?

Ever meet someone who is really a great fellow but yet who can be a lunatic at times? I had a friend who called me earlier on the phone and he was telling me that he wanted to drive down from bintulu to Miri, to my thoughts that he wouldn't drive all through the crappy sarawakian road which is famous for the pot holes and giving your arse a ride of your life. After a few hours he called, i just go on with my work and when it's night time already. I saw this fellow walking in my work place, he looked very very familiar. To save myself from embarassment i didn't greet or wave at him, i waited for him to do so just to be sure that the Bastard is back in Miri. As if there are not enough surprises working at parkcity, this was surely one of the biggest surprise i ever encountered. Ladies and gentleman, i give you the bastard.


he is no bastard, he's actually my good and crazy friend who would drive all the way here from Bintulu to Miri for what reason? because he feels like it. That's cool! Since you don't meet someone like that everyday. This really makes me feel like going on a road trip to Sabah or brunei or Kuching with a bunch friends in the car and i seriously think it's going to be a ride of your life, if you ever follow him or me and my peepz around. (i know that tatt looks so fake, so sue me!)


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