Sunday, January 30, 2005

The unsatisfied but yet happy one again

*grrr* I am not happy again, why is that you might ask? having such a stupid schedule on your duty that fucks everything you have planned so nicely and it's simply unfair for the rest as well!

The leave application form i submited was not even at there, why is that you might ask? probaly some mother fucker or bastard or bitch or what ever shit that person is trying to sabotage my off days for Chinese new year.

That bitch obviously have something againts me and i have doubts that she's might be the culprit, she should thank God that she has no dick or else she will regret for coming to Miri(still don't piss me off bitch, you better watch that cock sucking mouth of yours or else!!!)

Those mofos from KL are fucking up everyone in Miri up, no cheap booze, liquies, ciggies and shitties. Where does all those things goes after they are confisticated? It goes inside those mofos during their private party. Who would be stupid enough to waste those goodies? only a total idiot will do that.

Ok let's try and forget those shits, i shall have to come up with another idea. Last two days was my official pay day and i managed to get the things that i need.


I'm just glad that i managed to get the stuffs that i need, so i decided to show my mom the things i got.

Me: hey mom look i bought some stuffs for chinese new year

Mom: let's have a look

Me: i bought a pair of shoes for a good price

Mom: that's good

Me: and i bought my deodarant and a shaving balm

Mom: That's really nice

Me: oh and i bought myself a t-shirt

Mom: really? can i have a look at it?

Me: sure! (showing her my new t-shirt)

Mom: O_O!!??? (shakes her head)


I know it's because of the skull thingy, it happen when i showed her the stussy t-shirt rining got for me, just glad to see my peepz came looking for me after work(you guys rockz!!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Unsatisfied but yet happy

This probally one of the worst thing or a funny thing if you can say that has happen to me, Starting from yesterday onwards. The hotel has implied new uniforms for every staff from every departments, The coffee house staff's uniform looks very unique and oriental(sorry no pic to show) but what about the front office staff's uniform? I really don't know how say this, whether to appriciate it or to hate it, the uniform is seriously an ugly shit, in fact the ugliest shit which i will be wearing everyday with a smile.


Don't you guys think that uniform it's really a big joke? What can i do? since i'm working there and i have to obey the rules, obeying the rules means doing what we are told and wearing that ugly thing. Let's look on the bright side shall we? I don't have to pay a single cent on that shit and i get paid to wear that, isn't that a good thing?

The happy part, how would like to have a brother who is a big spender(like me) and after a while he doesn't want the things that bought, which he wants to get rid of it. Well i am the dude who wants that bro, since the things he bought ain't cheap at all and it's good branded stuff hehe. So let's see what i got from him



Well it's not exactly new stuffs, but both of that stuff happens to be what i wanted to buy actually. A sling bag and a levi's, i am really blessed to have a big spender bro like him, so bro go spend more on those goodies and when you get tired of it, you'll know where to get rid of them *grins*

Monday, January 24, 2005

It's time to Retire

Most of you guys knows that DJ F is not the DJ is Balcony anymore, When DJ F was around balcony is the best night club in Miri for youngtsters or any other Miri clubbers. After he left, the Chinese DJ replaced him and that Chinese DJ played pretty good trance and other tracks so that's good right?

Once in a bluemoon DJ would come back and be the guest DJ for a day, last saturday was seriously horrific. I can't even feel the groove and can't even sync with the beat at all. The music he spinned that night was an absolut crap and completely outdated songs. This makes me wonder that when will they update their songs? and when will they realize that hard trance is the real shit? I seriously prefer that Chinese DJ and the dude, they play my songs :). DJ F? it's to retire my friend, just face it, you are losing your touch and not keeping up with the latest songs.

Not to mention that there was a fight, as usual the bengsters always fight over stupid things*Sigh*when will they learn ah?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

A day with the peepz

How would you feel when a funny looking caucasian comes to you and asked you question with his undeniable stupid accent and you can't even understand his accent at all, and he says your english sucks and does not want your service? who gives a fuck about it? i'll be even more happier not serve a bastard like him. This foreigners are really ticking the locals off and does not have an idea how locals can seriously fuck them up(i swear if i ever see him around, i pray that he will crash and burn and have a miserable life as long as he lives) Besides he's got breast! i am not joking but he seriously have breast, this makes me wonder that did he went to thailand for a breast implant? since the plastic sugery over there is cheap.
Thanks to my peepz, they really cheer me up. I am just glad to have them around especially at times like that. Gordon decided to drop by again and with Sly too, Sly called at the wrong time when the crazy dude wanted to have a swim at the pool in the middle of the night. This really sounds crazy right? since he is already the crazy one so it's no big deal for us. Maybe you guys can try that, swimming in the middle of the night whereby there water is really freezing you up.



This is what you get for being crazy and swimming in the middle of the night, so enjoy the water you bastard LOL.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Chai sen tao!!! *tun tun chiang*


It's been a while i update my blog, (yes selaivesta i know i haven't been updating for quite sometimes thank you very much for reminding me :P) This another month that i would love, It's Chinese new year. A year that brings me and my family together for only a few days, seriously! only once a year or twice i go back to Limbang to visit my grandparents. Even though it's seriously boring there but it's fun that my family gathering is there which makes grandpa and grandma happy. Not to mention the glorious food that my grandma makes, let's talk about some of the good old chinese tradition that everyone would love.


For most of us living in Malaysia knows about the Chinese tradition for Chinese new year, which is the *Ang Pow* or known as the red packets. Every Chinese new year parents will give their children red packets and obviously you guys know what does the red packet contains, Money! lovely isn't it? as far as i know that most of the chinese tradition involves money, which make me myself a chinese to love it more(i'm just kidding) just like a chinese wedding, if you are invited to one, you are doubt to oblidge giving a red packet to the newly weds. see? or like someone's newly born child is a month old, visitors or friends invited for the dinner will give a red packet to the infant, see? don't you just love the chinese tradition? i'm loving it~!

Here is just some problems, i am seriously broke now. There's still 11 agonizing days before my lovely paycheque gets banked into my bloody stupid account. When it does, those cool nike shoes shall be added into my collection. Talk about money, i myself is really a big spender, i worked my ass off for the money and i spend it all in a blink of an eye. however Jacky or my mom can be my financial controller hehe. I told myself to save some money and go travel(hopefully i'll achieve that dream)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Bastard is here?

Ever meet someone who is really a great fellow but yet who can be a lunatic at times? I had a friend who called me earlier on the phone and he was telling me that he wanted to drive down from bintulu to Miri, to my thoughts that he wouldn't drive all through the crappy sarawakian road which is famous for the pot holes and giving your arse a ride of your life. After a few hours he called, i just go on with my work and when it's night time already. I saw this fellow walking in my work place, he looked very very familiar. To save myself from embarassment i didn't greet or wave at him, i waited for him to do so just to be sure that the Bastard is back in Miri. As if there are not enough surprises working at parkcity, this was surely one of the biggest surprise i ever encountered. Ladies and gentleman, i give you the bastard.


he is no bastard, he's actually my good and crazy friend who would drive all the way here from Bintulu to Miri for what reason? because he feels like it. That's cool! Since you don't meet someone like that everyday. This really makes me feel like going on a road trip to Sabah or brunei or Kuching with a bunch friends in the car and i seriously think it's going to be a ride of your life, if you ever follow him or me and my peepz around. (i know that tatt looks so fake, so sue me!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The beautiful one deceived


It's almost every guy's dream to have a really beautiful or pretty girlfriend or better yet, a really beautiful, pretty and a nice wife. If you happen to get someone that you ever dream to get, you will be the happiest and luckiest bastard right? Getting someone that you ever dreamed of can be considered as the greatest achievement of the guy could ever achieved, the guy however should be very grateful and thankful about it.

What happens, if that bastard is not even grateful and thankful for what he have achieved? Is this not what he had asked for? is he asking for more than that? what is more to ask for when you something that is so wonderful in your life? Scandalous! The bastard has to start affairs with other womens, since he's wife is on the west side of the state and he's on the east side. I don't understand that why must a person go for more when you already have something that you can't even ask for more. Not only that, it's something that not everyone can have it. My sympathies and empathies to the beautiful one, If i were that bastard i will cherish every moment, every second, every minute and everything i can to appreciate it and to be grateful.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Life as a night auditor


Life as a night auditor is good and bad, the good side is you don't get a lot of people barging at you and phone calls coming in when you are seriously busy. Lets look at the bad side, it really fucks up your sleeping hours. I had a pretty good night at work, i brought my own fettucine cabonara hehe, that's another good thing about working as a night auditor, You get to eat anytime you wish when there's nobody around.

Heck the maintenace just have to switch off the air condition, it's really warming the place up and making the whole into a sauna like place. Even with the rain going on outside, it's still warm in there. *damn it* i accidently screwed up the report, i had to wait for my front office exec to come back and undo the report for. Next week i'll be on night audit for a night and it's just me alone *NOOO!* guess i just have to learn what i got to learn this week.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The nocturnal animal

The nocturnal animal is back again! this time the animal is back with a purpose, not by doing nothing but working in the graveyard shift. I'm currently working as a night auditor which is really tiring and it's going against my normal sleeping hour, therefore turning me into the nocturnal animal. I'm just glad that i won't be working in the night shift for permantly, at least i'll be getting an afternoon shift after this saturday.

I'm really broke now, desperately in need of some cash. anyone want some movies? hehe if you know what i mean, i'll give you a good deal :)

Monday, January 03, 2005


It's 2005 already in a split second, 2004 has been a good and a bad year for us. It's time to move on with new objectives, missions, targets, and resolution. Heck! i'm not going to make any resolutions this year, since i can never keep them. I'm just planning to get some experience from my work place and most importantly, MONEY! in order to fulfill one of my desires that is SHOPPING! *hiak hiak* or maybe travel or buy a car? i shall see what comes first :)

Lots of celebration for the new year eves has been cancelled because of the furious tsunami that has struck S.E.A, i do feel sad for the victims(R.I.P my friends). Count down in KL has been cancelled but not in Miri, we all had lots of fun in balcony but thanks to those dickheads (you know who) we had to end our party early. Those Dickheads came and busted the party, i got pissed already and i had no idea they were there hehe. At least we all had fun but still no thanks to those dickheads! fuck you!!! hope you dickheads will crash and burn(no offense they're really dickheads and really useless bastards that lives half of their life on bribes)